Working Hard to Serve the Community

Imad Abboushi
Ismail Mohamed
Ismail MohamedMembers at Large
Sobia Qureshi
Sobia Qureshi Vice
Amna Haque
Amna HaqueMembers at Large
Nadia Ann Shahab
Nadia Ann
Tauqeer Sarang
Tauqeer SarangMembers at Large
Ashar Ahmed
Ashar AhmedTreasurer

The various Board of Directors are in charge of the following:

  • Facility (Sobia Qureshi)
  • Islamic School (Sobia Qureshi)
  • Youth activities and Education (Nadia Ann-Shahab)
  • Adult Education (Imad Abboushi)
  • Social (Amna Haque)
  • Religious (Ismail Mohamed)
  • Outreach (Imad Abboushi)
  • Interfaith (Imad Abboushi)
  • Finance (Ashar Ahmed)
  • IT (Sobia Qureshi)
  • Security (Tauqeer Sarang)

For immediate contact call: (925) 575-7744

Center Staff: