Assalaamu Alaykum Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are announcing the partial reopening of our center Alhamdulillah starting tomorrow Insha'Allah with the Jumu'ah prayer at 1:30 pm with Sheikh Hassan (the center will open at 1:15 pm).

The plan to reopen will be done in a careful and a gradual manner in accordance with the county rules, starting with a daily Isha prayer at 8:15 pm for tomorrow Insha'Allah and then at 8:00 pm starting on Saturday Oct 10th (you can check the prayer times on our website.

100 people will be allowed on a first come first serve basis for tomorrow. We will then follow up with a registration process.

For registration control, the only open entrance and exit will be the men's prayer hall door.

Ages 14 and older. However, the elderly and people with a weak immune system as well as people who traveled out of state in the past 30 days are highly encouraged to pray at home. 

Attendees need to bring with them:
  • Print and sign a waiver that you can find HERE
  • Prayer mat
  • Face Mask - has to be kept on at all times
  • Please make Wudu' at home as the bathrooms will be closed.
  • A bag for the shoes
All attendees will be required to register their names and have their temperature taken as per State Guidelines. We also ask our members to take precautions on their end and stay home if they are feeling sick, and to follow proper health recommendations.
health srvic health safety guidelines
Looking forward to seeing you and please remember to cooperate with the staff as this is a new process and not an easy task for all of us.

May Allah keep us all healthy, Wa Ssalaamu Alaykum,

Your Board of Directors