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For 30 years, SRVIC’s Islamic school has endeavored to provide children with a wholesome education in the Islamic studies. Students and Teachers work closely together in a rich and friendly learning environment. Our guided discussions and reflections encourage students to understand issues in our community and society today. Many of our students, after graduating from our Islamic school, have gone on to become teachers themselves to carry on our legacy and mission. They have thrived with many challenges and responsibilities, and are now contributing to the growth of our community.

School Principal: Nasira Sharieff

Our Islamic Education instills qualities in our children that will help them to effectively deal with the challenges of living in America and to prepare them to take an active role in the world. We intend to do this by:

Instilling the belief of the oneness of Allah and supporting this with the knowledge from the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet (PBUH).

Training our children to be God conscious and to remember Allah in a loving and humble way.

Strengthening the identity and the moral values of a Muslim within the hearts of our children. God willing, we will teach them to live in our current social environment while maintaining their identity as a Muslim.

Emphasizing that Islam is a religion of practicality, reason, spirituality, and a deen that governs every aspect of our lives.
Preparing our children for leadership roles in preserving and continuing the tradition of Islam for future generations.
  • Aqidah: like the oneness of Allah and prophethood.
  • Practice: like Shahada, Tahara, and Salah.
  • History & Geography of Islam.
  • Quran and Hadith: Arabic alphabets, tafsir and memorization of Surahs from the last Juz.
  • Spirituality & Development of Character.

Ages: K-12
Days: Sundays
Time: 11am – 1:30 pm
Holidays: SRVUSD including summer holiday, plus Islamic Holidays.
Tuition: $300 / school year for members
Contact Sr. Hasiba Sareshwala: hasiba@SRVIC.org

School is closed for the summer. Registration is also closed. And we are capped as far as the number of students we can accept this year. Please contact us in March of 2024 for next year’s admission.

Registration for 2023-2024 is closed