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Quran Hifdh Classes - Full Time or Part-Time

Darus Suffah Institute - In Partnership with SRVIC
Hifdh Academy - San Ramon.CA




Our program concentrates on the following:

• Memorization of the Qur’an with correct Tajwid and clarity.
A Rigorous revision plan to ensure that students retain what they have memorized.
• We also strives to nurture students overall moral and ethical values, preparing them for leadership in any Muslim community.
Complete Collaboration between Parent- Student- & Teacher.
• Daily and Weekly Goals to ensure students are on track. Parents also have the ability of gauging their child’s progress and compatibility in this program

Parents can expect their children to finish the memorization of the Qur’an, on average, in 4.5 years.
Revison (Muraja’ah): The students first recite a previously memorized Juz. They are required to recite the entire juz satisfactorily. If the previously memorized juz was not recited satisfactorily, they will not be allowed to recite their new lesson for that day and have to review and repeat the previously memorized Juz again. Previous Lesson: After reciting their revision, the students will then revise and recite their current juz. Again, they are required to recite the entire current juz with limited mistakes. New Lesson: If both Revision and Previous lesson are recited with limited mistakes, then the student will have earned the opportunity to recite their New Lesson. No memorization mistakes. hesitations or Tajwid mistakes are allowed in the new lesson. Islamic Studies: Each day, students are taught lessons from various Islamic sciences, including fiqh, hadith, adab, and du’a. Monthly Suhbah Dates: Monthly Field trips to decompress and have FUN! Completion & Ijaazah: When a student completes the Memorization of the Holy Quran. We require them to continue with the program for 6 additional months. The Focus in these months will be to review the entire Quran at least 5-7 times. They are then required to take their final test before receiving their Ijaazah and Sanad. Hours: Fulltime: Mon – Thur: 8AM-1PM, Fri: 8AM- 10:30AM Part time: Mon, Tue, Thur : 4:30PM – 6:30PM

Please Contact Sh Hassan for more details!


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