Whoever from amongst you can benefit his Muslim brother he should do so. (Sahih Muslim #2199)

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SRVIC is a major sponsor of the 680 Highway cleanup

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Volunteer to help feed the needy and other community services

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Volunteer for center community events

One Community

Muslims are part of the community, all are one unit helping each other out

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Volunteering is a great way to improve faith, build character and get new friends

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Opening our facility to the Indonesian community enabling them to collect funds to help the victims of earthquakes in Indonesia.

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Together we protect the earth

Muslims are noble, have a character that does not stoop to simple attitudes and insignificant interests. They know that jealousy gossiping, sarcasm, caprice, hypocrisy and similar attitudes do not please Allah and that they are humiliating attitudes giving harm to one’s personality and distancing her from nobility. Therefore, they never take on such behaviors. They engage in fruitful activities that are good for their hereafter and benefit this world.